TruVision ANPR cameras

Smart vehicle access and monitoring

We are pleased to announce the new TruVision ANPR cameras (Automatic Number Plate Recognition).

TruVision ANPR cameras offer great functionality for applications where vehicle access management is required based on license plate or in situations where actions need to be triggered when white, black or non-listed vehicles are captured. Through the camera’s edge-based intelligence you can perform actions such as license plate search, playback and export directly from the camera. In addition to the vehicle license plate the camera captures also other information like driving direction, lane number, country, capture date & time, capture quality, white/black list, etc.

Standalone solution
For small applications, the ANPR camera can be used in standalone mode. A license plate list containing white and black listed license plates can be uploaded in the camera to perform actions like activating the camera output to open a gate whenever a white listed vehicle is captured. Black listed or non-listed vehicles could for example trigger additional actions or events.

Wiegand interface
The camera has an onboard Wiegand interface which allows the camera to be connected to almost any access control system with Wiegand reader interface.

Integrated solution
When the camera is connected to an access control system, the access control system can grant or deny access to the vehicle based on the badge ID that is sent by the camera whenever the license plate is captured. Access Control system parameters like access levels, time schedules or other logic can be used to grant access to specific vehicles according pre-defined time schedules. The video streams from the camera can also be recorded on any TruVision network recorder or any VMS supporting recent TruVision IP cameras.