False alarm immunity like never before

From good to great! The dual motion detectors line-up has two major upgrades to answer the biggest challenge of our users: false alarm detection.

The first one relates to the hardware: the products are moving from an analog to a digital pyro. The digital pyro detects the temperature fluctuations with a high degree of precision, allowing for a reduction of electrical interferences and more accurate detection.

The second breakthrough technology is in the software: the neural algorithm. It is a code that allows the software to learn signals and adapt the response accordingly.

Products remain unchanged on the outside, it’s all in their brain. Both technologies combined have the mission to improve the signal quality for a false alarm immunity like never before.

An innovative technology

Created by our engineering team, the neural algorithm is an innovation that stands out and represents a major step forward in the detection world – with a patent pending.

Because Aritech means quality, our products are constantly improving; there is no cost added for an improved technology.


Tests and field trials success

  • Internal tests show a reliability of at least 99,5%
  • Improved detection for fast and slow movement: proven results


Software-based technology

These two upgrades, the digital pyro and the neural algorithm, are and will be the foundation of our new generation sensors.

It also means that these two enhanced features can be upgraded and further enhanced on our future product lines.

Examples of applications

  • Correctional facilities: the detector can be positioned to look across windows, doors or the entire length of the property. Escape detection at a very early stage.
  • Critical infrastructures: protecting the sites from intrusions and avoid liabilities for water treatment, oil and gas facilities for example.
  • Manufacturing and logistics: burglary and theft prevention by keeping unauthorized personnel out of restricted areas.
  • Residential: detectors can be set up on all corners of the property to sound off alarms and trigger lights.
  • Retail: activating the lights when someone enters a room or keep unauthorized personnel out of restricted areas.

List of products: updates per product and technology

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