New wired EN approved acoustic glass break sensors

Certified up to the EN Grade III security standard

We are pleased to announce a complete new range of wired acoustic glass break sensors and associated accessories.
  • GS960 “acoustic glass break sensor, EN Grade II”
  • GS960AM “acoustic glass break sensor, AM, EN Grade III”
  • GS960-TR “tester/calibration tool GS960 Series”
  • GS960-RB “EOL resistor PCB for GS960 Series”

The GS960 Series are acoustic glass break detectors which give an alarm when glass is smashed at intrusion attempts through windows, doors and glazed walls. They use an advanced micro-controller technology which is programmed to take a lot of relevant acoustic factors into account. Using "Digital Room Compensation" these detectors can distinguish between a true glass break and other irrelevant sounds.

Having a covering distance up to nine meters and a coverage angle of 165° allows one detector to protect several windows in the same room.

In parallel the design of the detectors makes them suitable for wall or ceiling mount as long as they have a free “line-of-sight” to the window being protected.

These sensors will detect the breaking of different types of glass panes like single glazed (float and tempered), double glazed (float and tempered), double glazed where the inner pane is covered with security film, triple glazed (float and tempered) and laminated glass pane.

The GS960AM is additionally equipped with an AM function, a separate relay, which gives an alarm at sabotage of the microphone. When sealing the microphone completely with elastic material such as chewing gum or isolation tape it will be detected. When removing those materials the sensor will go back to its normal state.

Connection to a 24-hour loop

The sensor is constructed for continuous detection, is extra resistant to different acoustic disturbances and works well in most environments. In environments with very high rates of disturbances such as industrial workshops or gyms, the outcome of a four week test period will help to decide whether to use the detector in a 24 hour loop.

Special tools and accessories

The GS960-TR tester is a specially developed tool for calibrating and adjusting the GS960 for optimal function in the acoustic space – the DRC Digital Room Compensation procedure. Using this tool to test the detector settings you do not need to open it again as the tester will communicate with the detector acoustically.

There is also an additional accessory GS960-RB which is a plug-in EOL resistor board allowing to easily integrate GS960 into an existing Advisor Advanced system without the hassle of adding EOL resistors.