360° IP cameras

TruVision panoramic cameras

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the new TruVision 360° panoramic cameras.

The new 6 and 12MP TruVision 360° panoramic cameras can be used to capture full 360° and 180° panoramic views in areas that would typically require multiple traditional cameras.

The cameras are equipped with a single image sensor and ImmerVision lens to deliver wide-angled views with minimal distortion in the panoramic image. Dewarping, which can be done on both camera and client-side, enables video to be displayed in more than 10 different views including 360° fisheye view, 180° panoramic view and multi-views with ePTZ.

Both indoor and outdoor models support IR illumination and Wide Dynamic Range to deliver crisp images in various lighting conditions.

More than a security camera

In addition to the different panoramic viewing modes the camera also features embedded video intelligence including Intrusion detection, Line crossing detection, Object removal detection, Region entrance detection, Region exiting detection, and Unattended baggage detection.

Three additional video intelligence features give retail owners insights on their customer’s in-store behaviour:

Intersection analysis
Makes it possible to detect and analyse flow of people in an intersection-like scene and generate reports that are automatically sent per email on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Heat map
A heat map generates a visual representation of the activities in a particular area. Valuable data like the number of people that visited the store and how long they stayed in an area are stored and can be emailed periodically. The coloured heat map image overlay illustrates popular and less visited spots allowing store owners to optimize store layouts or allocate staff accordingly.

People counting
A virtual line can be defined at the entrance/exit of a store to count the number of people entering and leaving the store during the day. Like for intersection analysis and heat map, counting reports can be emailed periodically.