We are pleased to announce the launch of the TruVision Multi-imager panoramic camera.

The TruVision Multi-imager camera is an ideal solution for surveillance applications that would normally require multiple cameras such as parking lots, large lobbies, or other open spaces. The multi-imager camera consists of four individual camera sensors that can be repositioned to best cover a scene. The camera is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Compared to multiple traditional cameras that would each require individual cabling, camera license and network connection, the multi-imager requires only 1 network cable, 1 network connection and 1 camera license. The camera is fully compatible with TruVision Navigator and TruVision recorders but integrates also well with a wide variety of 3rd party applications through ONVIF.


The camera is well suited for shopping malls, schools, large commercial buildings, parkings, factories, warehouses, airports, etc. Repositioning of the camera sensors allow you to position the camera heads for 360° surveillance or when the camera is mounted on the corner of a building 3 camera sensors can be positioned to cover 270° view while the 4th camera can look down to cover the area under the camera. The repositioning of sensors offers great flexibility for many different scenarios