Revitalize your analog system!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new TVR 46 HD-TVI recorder series.

The TruVision DVR 46 (TVR 46) is a full-featured hybrid video recorder capable of recording up to 16 or 32 camera inputs (depending on the model). As a true hybrid recorder, the TVR 46 can be used with analog, HD-TVI and IP cameras. This hybrid recorder is uniquely qualified to upgrade existing analog installations, offering a competitive, feature-rich and practical solution for the market of HD analog, standard analog and hybrid recorders.

Unique intrusion integration

TVR 46 offers free integration with IP intrusion panels (UTC) for video verification of (alarm) events. Alarm and arming/disarming events are sent from the intrusion panel to the recorder and can trigger actions in the recorder (recording, output control, PTZ control, email) and/or send notifications to TVRMobile or TruVision Navigator. Also the communication between recorder and panel is monitored.

Why TVR 46?

The TVR46 recorder series offers a full-featured, flexible hybrid recording solution that is ideal for (gradually) migrating an old analog video system to a modern high resolution video system.


The TVR 46 is suited for upgrading medium sized analog video systems in commercial applications (for example, offices, retail stores and schools) where high quality video is important without expensive cabling costs.