Driving simplicity

Security and facility management has evolved into a complex set of functions, which need to be managed as a priority for the safety and the protection of the personnel, visitors and physical assets. Factors driving this complexity are numerous: multiple sites, remote locations, flexible working hours, number of employees and visitors, as well as other evolving needs. This requires an integrated management solution.

Advisor Management software provides security and facility managers with a unique integrated management tool to control complex business functions like intrusion, access, video surveillance and /or fire alarms on multiple sites, integrated into and controlled from one single user friendly application.

  • An intuitive graphical user interface, with dynamic floor plans
  • Single user interface for multiple tasks:
    Integrates access control, digital video, intrusion and fire detection;
    Provides one uniform way to define and manage user access rights, regardless of the type of  security system;
    Registers and tracks visitors on the premises, contributing to the safety and the security of   personnel, properties and assets;
    Requires minimal training.
  • Enables users to create reports as they go, via the advanced reporting capabilities
  • Scalable to multiple sites, multiple languages and multiple users
  • Delivers efficient alarm handling

C4 Management providing our customers with even more capabilities of an open and scalable platform for building management.

With the same intuitive graphical user interface as Advisor Management, C4 provides dynamic floor plans, and lets you retrieve video events, build reports and much more. In addition, C4 offers endless possibilities with the support of hardware solutions from both Carrier and other manufacturers.