In addition to the standard conventional and addressable fire systems that we offer, Carrier Fire & Security also provide speciality detection for applications where traditional detection may not be the most effective solutions. Our Speciality Detection systems include:

Aspirating Detectors: which are an excellent choice in harsh environments where point detectors struggle to perform due to building geometry or ambient conditions. Building geometries where ASDs work particularly well include large volumes such as warehouses, high spaces such as atria and areas with high airflow. In addition, ASDs work well in dirty environments, high humidity areas, cold stores and areas where detectors need to be covert for aesthetical or vandal resistance reasons.

Beam Detectors: which are a good solution for large, open area buildings such as warehouses, shopping malls, libraries and school halls, where it is less cost effective to use point detection devices such as standard smoke or heat detectors.

Flame Detectors: which are able to identify smokeless liquid and smoke that can create open fire. Applications where you might find flame detectors include: industrial warehouses, chemical production plants, chemical stores, petrol storage and pump stations, arc welding workshops, power plants, transformer stations, underground tunnels, motor testbeds, wood stores.

Oil Mist Detectors: which continuously monitor the density of oil mist in the crankcase of a diesel engine and will signal an alarm if the density exceeds a preset threshold. This prevents an explosion due to an engine fault.

Linear Heat Detection: which are ideal for areas where electronics may not be the best choice. These devices are particularly appropriate for areas where installation and maintenance is in a physically demanding or hazardous area such as: closed-in areas, freezers, printing presses and warehouses.

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