Our fire products are supported by a comprehensive range of software. This includes tools for:

  • Planning the installation
  • Configuring the panels (and storing the configuration for back-up)
  • Maintenance (including remote access)
  • Integration (with our Access Control / Intrusion products)

Software Tools

Our software tools for planning enable installers to be sure that the system they want to install will work.  Our configuration software makes configuration, backing up and sharing the configuration easy.  Maintenance software allows for easy extraction of reports, analysis of data and remote connectivity for preparing for a site visit.

Each product has its own software tools.


PCC2200: Configuration software for panels using Kidde Commercial Aritech fire Series 2000 (Aritech) devices

PCC2900: Configuration software for panels using Kidde Commercial Aritech fire Series 900 (Apollo) devices

PCM2000: Maintenance software which can be used both on site or via PST modem and allows

  • Data retrieval: Panel data can be retrieved and analyzed during, or in preparation for, maintenance visits
  • Central Station connectivity: Panels can call in to the software via modem to report events
  • Emulation: The operator can see exactly what is on the LCD display of the panel and can perform actions as if standing in front of the panel (both on- and off-site).


Planner: Configuration software

Maestro Graphics System: Alarms and system events are presented to the operator, in order of importance, by map, site, zone and device for appropriate action to be taken.

2X, ZP2 and KFP-AF

PCC-2X: Configuration software for Kidde Commercial Aritech fire 2X fire panels

PCC-ZP2: Configuration software for Kidde Commercial Ziton ZP2 fire panels

PCC-KFP: Configuration software for Kidde Commercial Kilsen KFP-AF fire panels

System Builder: Software to check loop load, standby and alarm current, and battery standby capacity

ModuLaser - Kidde Commercial, Airsense, Edwards

PipeCAD: Model the pipework and verify that the system performance will meet the desired criteria

Remote: Configure modules during installation and system maintenance

Management Software

Our fire panels and aspirating smoke detection systems are integrated into our ATS8600 and C4 Integrated Solution software.

The following Fire products are integrated:

  • FP12xx/FP2xxx Fire Panels
  • ZP3 Fire Panels
  • 2010-2 (2X, KFP-AF and ZP2) Fire Panels
  • ModuLaser Aspirating Smoke Detection range